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Wietzie's work is part of the French Lyrical Abstract art movement, depicted by emotive, expressive,   and imaginary compositions that emphasis colour over shape. 


Her work is characterized by compositional rhythms, bold colouration, and the impression of spontaneity. She uses sweeping thick, conspicuous knife strokes to depict the ephemeral nature of light and the passing of time. Inspired by nature and poetry, she paints the world as she sees it- imperfect and in constant change.

 She believes that abstract art can establish a line of communication directly from the artist's inner vision to the viewer's imagination and elicit a specific emotional response.

Wietzie is exclusively represented by Singulart in Paris for online art sales. She is also represented by brick & mortar galleries: Galeria Gaudi in Madrid and Yudian Art Gallery in China. For further information you can contact her at