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Exhibition Art by Wietzie three oversized flowerscapes in vibrant colours impasto textured abstract flowers

I believe that art can establish a direct line of communication between the artist's inner vision and the viewer's imagination and elicit a specific emotional response.


Thus I paint the world as I see it - imperfect and constantly changing and I aim to take the viewer with me on my journey. My work is part of the French lyrical abstract art movement, represented by emotive, expressive and imaginary compositions that emphasize colour and form.


I create my works using a unique technique of fast applied pinpoints of oil paint that creates a textured, layered surface full of impasto marks. Then I use dynamic knife strokes to apply oil paint in an impasto spontaneous way that depicts the fleeting nature of light and the passage of time.


I am represented by Singulart in Paris and Saatchi in the United States for online art sales. I am also represented by art galleries: Okura-Arts in Paris, Musée Millet - Galerie L' Angélus in Barbizon, France and Yudian Art Gallery in China. 


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