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Abstract art can establish a line of communication directly from the artist's inner vision to the viewer's imagination and elicit a specific emotional response. I am inspired by nature and poetry, and I paint the world as I see it- imperfect and in constant change.

My work is part of the French Lyrical Abstract art movement, depicted by emotive, expressive, and imaginary compositions that emphasis colour and shape.  


I create my work through a unique technique of  vigorous knife strokes that creates a textured and layered surface full of impasto markings. Thereafter I use sweeping thick movements of paint in a dynamic spontaneous manner that depict the ephemeral nature of light and the passing of time. 

I am represented by Singulart in Paris and Saatchi in the United States for online art sales. I am also represented by brick & mortar galleries: Galeria Gaudi in Madrid and Yudian Art Gallery in China. If you would like to find out more about any painting please send me an email at

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