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Happiness blooms, just like a daisy. 

In crafting this piece, I let my emotions flow with the oil and acrylics, creating a dance of color and texture. The abstract approach meets fine art, blurring into semi-abstraction - like memories caught on canvas. This painting embodies a serene yet invigorating spirit. It's meant to evoke a sense of natural wonder, to offer a daily rejuvenation through its lush strokes. It will bring a breath of energy and  tranquility to any space, stirring the soul with its vibrant yet peaceful essence.

Happiness Blooms

  • Shipping is included in the price.

    A representative of The Wietzie Gerber Gallery will arrange delivery of your Wietzie original acrylic painting. 

    We guarantee you will love your Wietzie artwork! If you aren't happy with your painting for any reason, we accept exchanges or refunds within thirty days.

    Signature Required: We require a signature upon delivery to ensure the safe arrival of your artwork.

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