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"In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove; In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson



Wietzie created "Spring Iris"  with a painting knife using different mark making techniques, which resulted in a textured surface. The flowers are done impasto style. 


Wietzie uses the symbol of the flower to create a special intimacy with the audience, the latter being the perfect representation of human emotion: "it changes every minute and dies too early".


Wietzie is inspired by the French Lyrical Abstract style, which can be seen as a balanced elegant style of painting that is loaded with content from the natural world, often marked by sumptuous colour. The intention is to create finished work that is abstracted and more expressional than representational.


The painting is ready to hang and the sides are painted in green.

Spring Iris


    • Acrylic on Canvas


    • 40x40cm


    • Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity


  • Shipping is FREE and usually takes 7 days

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