I was inspired by the work of JMW Turner and Nicolas de Stael. Turner for his use of color and De Stael for the simplicity of his abstract landscapes. 


I begin with a palette-knife underpainting that allows me to create a surface full of small stipples of paint. This decadent surface of textures brings my abstraction to life. In addition, the color, shapes, and subtle allusions in my title leads you through the emotional subject of my work. 


I hope the viewer experiences a sense of happiness that goes to the heart – an expansiveness that looks inward with harmony, balance and security. The use of soft greens and blues has a calming effect and symbolizes hope, peace and gentleness.


60cm W x 90cm H

In Fields of Happiness

  • I package the painting as follows:

    • Glassine paper or acid-free archival tissue paper

    • Plastic sheeting and poly wrap

    • Hard plastic corner protectors

    • Cardboard box