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Abstract floral acrylic original painting by Wietzie

Itinerary: June 9-16, 2018 


1pm: Pick up at Nice airport and transported to Bastide La Belle (BLB)

5pm: Welcome drinks

8pm: Three course dinner BLB



9h30-12h30: Semi-abstract flower painting preparation, concentration on the flower as a source of lines, shapes, space, gesture, color and value. You will learn how to create an abstract flower, with a variety of lines inspired by the subject in front of you or the memory of the flower.

Lunch: On the covered terrace at BLB

2h30-5h30: Starting the semi abstract flower painting

8pm: Three course dinner at BLB



9h30-12h30: Working on your flower painting

Lunch: Salads on the covered terrace

2h30-5h30: Completing your flower painting

8pm: Dinner in the lovely old village of Les Arcs sur Argent



9h00-12h00am: An early rise and we're off to enjoy the well-renowned Lorgues market. Remember to make some sketches of geometric lines in buildings as this afternoon we start on our color field abstract - think Nicolas de Stael or Mark Rothko. 

Lunch: Local restaurant in Lorgues

2h30-5h30: Helpful visual information and discussion on abstract art emphasizing concept, composition, balance, colour, design, form and symbolism. Start on your abstract painting. 

8pm: Three course dinner at BLB


9h30-12h30: Working on your abstract painting

Lunch: On the covered terrace at BLB

2h30-5h30: Completing your abstract painting

6pm: Game of Petanque

8pm: Three course dinner at BLB


8h30-12h30: Early morning ferry to Porquerolles. Discussion on Seascape painting preparation, concentrating on the relationship between light and colour. Discussing how to achieve depth by strategically placing focal points, and the effective use of color to create atmosphere and space within the painting. Deciding the elements required for an abstract, semi-abstract or realistic painting, together with determining the basic composition of the seascape. 

Lunch: Picnic on the beach in Porquerolles

3h30-5h30: Starting your seascape painting

8pm: Three course dinner BLB


Morning: Working on your seascape painting

Lunch: On the covered terrace at BLB

2h30-5h30: Finalizing your seascape painting

7pm: Wine tasting at Chateau les Crostes

8pm: Dinner in Lorgues



10h00: Goodbyes and transport back to Nice Airport

€2550 pp sharing all inclusive, non-participating partner €1850. Single supplement €780. Our art vacations are limited to 6 persons

Painting an acrylic seascape with Wietzie
Painting en-plein air in Provence France with Wietzie
Painting Antibes with Wietzie
Painting en-plein air on Porquerolles with Wietzie
Painting en-pleir air on Porquerolles, France, with Wietzie
Painting an abstract seascape en-plein air with Wietzie
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