Abstracted and expressionistic depictions of lush flowers bursting with bright colours and laden with thickly applied, textural paint. Changing from minute to minute, flowers provides the perfect symbols for all our emotions in life: sorrow, joy, yearning, frustration,  love, and more.   Her work displays feelings of intense energy and passion.


Rhythmic counterposed application of paint becomes a language through which Wietzie communicates emotion and life experiences. Her work is characterised by gestural knife-strokes or mark-making, and the impression of spontaneity. She believes that abstract art can establish a line of communication directly from the artist's inner vision to the viewer's imagination and elicit a specific emotional response.



Artworks are organized by colour : 

Hues of White

Hues of Black & White

Hues of White & Green

Hues of Grey

Hues of Taupe & Greige

Hues of Red

Hues of Pink

Hues of Purple & Mauve

Hues of Blue

Hues of Blue, Green & Turquoise

Hues of Blue  & Yellow

Hues of Red & Green

Hues of Orange

Hues of Yellow